Online Giving

Did you know that you can set up your tithe through your online bill pay feature with your bank, and it is very easy to do? Just set up Lynchwood Christian Church as a vendor. The address is 3815 SE 174th Ave, Portland, OR 97236-1254.

Step #1: Sign up for secure online banking with your own bank. Most banks offer this free of charge and it comes with most types of accounts. Secure online banking with your bank is identity-theft safe with no middle man and now extra fees for you or for the church.

Step #2: Go to the “Bill Pay” section of online banking and add Lynchwood Christian Church as a “payee.” (or as a “vendor.”) The church address is 3815 SE 174th Ave, Portland, OR 97236-1254.
Note: You do not need a “payee account number”.

Step #3: You can either manually send your tithe to the church or you can set up an automatic recurring payment once you’ve set up Lynchwood as a “payee.”  You will be able to have recurring payments once a month, weekly, bi-weekly or even a one-time payment. Using the memo line allows you to designate the funds’ usage. You can even set up one for your regular tithe and one for your Capital Campaign pledge (be sure to designate it for Capital Campaign on the memo line to designate where you would like your donation to be used if for anything other than the General fund.)


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